About AJ

As a Florida native attending the University of Florida & Florida Atlantic University was a natural choice for Aston Bright.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and he focused on International Relations with an emphasis on Political and Religious conflicts in the Middle East/Africa. He has an MBA focused on sales/marketing.

Aston spent half of his professional career working for Fortune 500 companies in sales, management, and training.  He’s also a pilot and enjoys flying with his friends and family throughout the Southeast United States. He loves to travel, and has visited 22 countries.

He eventually transitioned his diverse business background into the entertainment industry. Working with professional athletes, entertainers, and celebrities worldwide in over 40 entertainment productions. This included celebrity appearances, network television shows, music videos, and a feature film documentary directed by Penny Marshall.  

Aston has worked on entertainment productions in Las Vegas, Chicago, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Toronto, Ottawa, Madrid, Edmonton, Beijing, Tokyo, Milan, Los Angeles, New York City, Tampa Bay, and Miami.  He has a proven and consistent track record of producing high quality events for live entertainment.

In 2014, he joined the Plantation Fire Department, which is a combination organization. Paramedics handle the medical calls and all the fire calls are handled by volunteer firefighters.  And in 2016, he joined the Emergency Volunteers Project. This is an Israeli organization started by Israeli emergency medical first responders who come to the United States to recruit and train American firefighters to be deployed in Israel. These deployments are contingent upon a war or serious incident that overwhelms their first responder resources.

It is through the EVP, in partnership with the Jewish Federations of North America, that Aston was sent to Jerusalem in 2017 and Southern Israel along the Gaza border in 2018, to respond to the serious Hamas terrorist arson attacks.  Within about 90 days starting in May 2018, there were 1000 fires started along the Gaza border, in an attempt to burn Israel to the ground. This created a very dangerous critical situation for the Israeli people. Aston, along with 9 other American firefighters played an integral role in fighting these fires, which were being started by Hamas with their terror kites and balloons being flown into Israel from the Gaza Strip.  The Americans in concert with the Israeli Fire & Rescue Services and the Israeli Defense Forces fought 15-40 Hamas arson fires a day during the deployment.